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Contest Entry Terms and Conditions
All entrants must agree to abide by these rules. Entering into any competition or contest by any ITI (Inspiration Time Inc.), radio station (WCTL Radio or WYVL Radio) shall be deemed to indicate acceptance of these rules.

1. Any competition is not open to employees or members of their immediate household of Inspiration Time Inc., WCTL Radio, WYVL Radio or their agents, participating clients or anyone connected with the promotion of the competition and in the event of any dispute the decision of ITI shall be final and legally binding.

2. The competition is intended simply to be fun without the intention of creating legal relations. Entry does not create an enforceable contract and does not entitle the participant to enforce any claim against ITI or its radio stations.

3. No purchase or part payment of any kind is required.

4. Any multiple entry attempt to a competition or cue to call will be invalid and any prize awarded will go back into the prize fund.

5. Age restrictions or other entry requirements may apply to certain competitions.

6. ITI cannot be held responsible for any difficulty in communication with the any of its radio stations by telephone or other means.

7. Entrants agree to their name and hometown being published on the air and elsewhere. They agree to their participation being broadcast, recorded and repeated and otherwise used without being entitled to any payment.

8. If the rules to the competitions have been broken or answers have been revealed to contestants by any third party, the prize may be withdrawn.

9. Prizes offered by ITI are in most cases provided to the company by a third party or sponsor. At the end of the competition the liability passes from ITI to the sponsor for the delivery of the prize offered. If the sponsor or third party thereafter cannot deliver the product or prize due to liquidation or similar, ITI IS NOT liable for its provision.

10. The decision of ITI is final. No correspondence will be entered into concerning ITI's decisions or interpretation of these rules.

11. Complaints about the operation of the competition may be made in writing to the Station Manager.

12. ITI reserves the right to reject claims or applications and to alter, amend or foreclose the promotion without prior notice.

13. ITI cannot be held responsible for any loss that may be incurred by listeners attempting to enter competitions.

14.Subject to the complete discretion of ITI, the winning entry and the names and hometowns of the (major) prize winners will be made available after a specified date to anyone applying for this to the competition address and enclosing a stamped addressed envelope marked with the name of the competition and ‘Results'.

15. Prizes may take up to 28 days to be available.

16. Competition prizes cannot be exchanged for any goods other than what was described on air or in the publicity material associated with the competition.

17. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

18. Entrants are eligible to win prizes no more than one time in each calendar month. In the event of any entrant winning a prize during a period of ineligibility ITI reserves the right to withhold the prize.

19. ITI reserves the right to disqualify any listener from any competition without giving a reason, or to cancel the competition if deemed necessary, and if circumstances arise outside of their control.

20. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.